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Rinko Kawauchi
The photographic work of Rinko Kawauchi is rooted in a transversal vision of reality; she captures the banality of everyday life, and transposes it into a poetry of the ordinary, celebrating the beauty of the world.

Nature is omnipresent but is sometimes distorted; the chosen framing, the light intensity or, on the contrary, the deep darkness disrupt an easy interpretation of the image. Kawauchi endeavours to reveal the delicacy and impermanence of the world, to observe lifecycles, to perceive natural phenomena as metaphors of human emotions, while distrusting clichés and stereotypes of what is a ‘good photograph’. The concept of space is crucial in her work, which also conjures up Japanese aesthetics; it is not surprising to find a spring, a waterfall, a river, a lake, a mountain, a tree, undergrowth, a shrine, a cityscape or the sky. Likewise, a concern for detail is preponderant; it produces an ambiguous feeling of intimacy and proximity to the subject of the photograph.

Rinko Kawauchi (°1972, Japan) was shortlisted in 2017 she for the Prix Pictet and received in 2023 the Outstanding Contribution to Photography Award 2023. She exhibited at the Fondation Cartier, Paris (France), the Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto and at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (Japan), at the Kunst Haus Vienna (Austria), the Fotomuseum Antwerp (Belgium), at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (USA).


Untitled (Ushibumakachi, Amakusa)
Rinko Kawauchi
Untitled (Kumamoto Castle, Kumamoto)
Rinko Kawauchi
Untitled (Takamori Yusui Tunnel Park, Aso
Rinko Kawauchi
Untitled (Cafe Orange, Kumamoto)
Rinko Kawauchi
Untitled (Oe Cathedral, Amakusa)
Rinko Kawauchi
Untitled (I28)
Rinko Kawauchi
Untitled (I66)
Rinko Kawauchi

Gallery exhibitions


The river embraced me
Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto (Japan)
Kunsthaus Wien, Vienna (Austria)
Rinko Kawauchi
Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris (France)
Illuminance, Ametsuchi, Seeing Shadow
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo (Japan)