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The river embraced me
Rinko Kawauchi
Jan 23, 2016 - Mar 27, 2016
Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto (Japan)
Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto is pleased to present the exhibition "Rinko Kawauchi The river embraced me." As a remarkable contemporary artist, Rinko Kawauchi has received increased recognition from Europe, North and South America, and has a presence in Japan and overseas.
This exhibition will show you her early works that won the 27th Kimura Ihei photography award up to her new works. Kawauchi is one of the important pioneers of the new age of photography and presents her first big solo exhibition in Kumamoto and Kyusyu.

Kawauchi has broken new ground in the field of her art with "Ametsuchi" that covers field burning in Aso, Kumamoto. Her next challenge in Kumamoto is appealing, as the new works of the series "The river embraced me" are the result of her first collaboration with people whose unforgettable memories belong to Kumamoto.

Kawauchi has marked the sense of "Live Now" through her works, and this exhibition will show you that her art is rich in potential.