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Rinko Kawauchi
Rinko Kawauchi
Mar 18, 2005 - Jun 5, 2005
Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris (France)
For this exceptional event, the artist has chosen to show a large selection of photographs from the AILA series (2004) and exhibit her two most recent series to the public for the first time: Cui Cui and the eyes, the ears.

With her camera, Rinko Kawauchi captures those details of everyday life that are all too easily missed by the busy passer-by—water dripping from a faucet, a crack in a watermelon, a spoonful of tapioca. Seen through the well-attuned eyes of the artist, ordinary objects and occurrences become charged with beauty, poetry and emotion. Arranging her images in a way that reveals unexpected conflations of forms, moods or atmospheres, Rinko Kawauchi creates subtle, open-ended narratives that encourage us to engage with the infinite wonders of the world.

© Rinko Kawauchi. Picture D.R.