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Third rail
Chaim van Luit
Nov 1, 2013 - Jan 19, 2014
Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht (The Netherlands)
The dynamics of Van Luit’s work lie in a free way of perceiving and connecting, which is always based on personal experience. Third Rail is about traveling along the third rail; the rail that runs alongside the normal track as a potentially deadly line of energy, and which demands equal amounts of curiosity and control. Third Rail is about the risk inherent to the desire to set off on your own track.

The desire to get a grip on the mechanisms of time and on the question of a universal order is a recurring theme in the work of Chaim van Luit. His work evokes something you could describe as the sense of being present at something; at an important event that is beyond words and indescribable, which is precisely why it is so impressive. Chaim van Luit is a young artist who, like many of his generation, does not let himself be restricted by a single choice of medium. Concept and medium come together intuitively. His work is autonomous and totally authentic. Van Luit works instinctively and almost insouciantly, and in the process of creating his work the network of his thoughts and ideas gains its own coherence, free of all the existing rules, laws and forms. Often, it is only afterwards that he discovers the historical context and the traditions against which his own works rub. He calls himself a painter, but he could just as easily be a performance artist.

And then there is the link to his personal story. Although Van Luit’s work may look formal, “It arises spontaneously, in interaction with my surroundings”, as he formulates it himself. Van Luit tells that as a child he already dreamt of freedom, spending hours on his bike touring the countryside around Maastricht.Just as he also liked taking walks on his own in the woods in the Eifel in Germany. He likes adventure, to be outdoors and to discover things. His fascination with stories, rituals, religions and mysticism is given free rein when he discovers a world full of images and symbols in the tunnels, bunkers and caves along his way; traces that are sometimes centuries old, left behind by people and proof of their existence.

Extracts from a text written by Pietje Tegenbosch