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Théo Massoulier
Feb 12, 2022 - May 14, 2022
Les quinconces-Espal, Scène Nationale, Le Mans (France)
In Planktós you can contemplate several dozen of works by Théo Massoulier which are like small protean entities and which will evoke you either colored landscapes (if you are rather literary), or biological cultures in laboratory (if you are rather scientific). But, whether you are literary or scientific, you will be struck by all the processes of crossing, porosity and contamination that unfold through this corpus - and by their similarity to the way viruses spread...

Absolutely passionate about the issue of the Anthropocene (basically, all the harmful effects that human activity generates on our ecosystem) and the notion of entropy (basically, everything that testifies to a degradation of energy and a degeneration of living bodies), Théo Massoulier thus produces hybrid and dynamic creatures that combine the mineral, the vegetable and the human, using mainly sculpture and video and feeding as well on the universe of cosmology (that, you know what it is) as on that of the sciences of the evolution (that too, you know what it is, remember Darwin)...