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Ignasi Aballí
Acte I - II - III
Sep 9, 2021 - Dec 24, 2021

“The less there is to see in a work, the greater the desire to see.”

Ignasi Aballí

In 2022, Ignasi Aballí (°1958) will represent Spain on the occasion of the 59th Venice Biennale. First artist to be shown in a solo show at Meessen De Clercq in 2008, Ignasi is the artist par excellence that has accompanied the gallery since its beginnings.

To celebrate his presence in Venice and our fruitful collaboration, the gallery has proposed him an intervention in three times. After consideration, the artist proposed to show a varied series of works tracing back this common history. In three acts.

Acte I shows one packed wall, Acte II expands on a second wall and Acte III is composed of three packed walls, “all over” walls. Individual works are shown alongside fragmented series of works, of which other parts are found in the consecutive acts.

The practice of Ignasi Aballí moved from a painterly representation of the world to a more conceptual representation based on interpretation, omissions, ephemerality and deconstruction of reality. His creative process is grounded in a continuous observation of the details and the materiality of our everyday life, that he researches, lists, groups, numbers, and classifies to capture the ‘murmur of the everyday’. His work finds a unique place in the interplay between reality and fiction, between appearance and disappearance. He invites to look beyond appearances, to read between the lines, to delve deeper to find the meaning and substance of what is presented.