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Benoît Maire, Cédric Moullier, Alain Lestié, Jessica Hans, Nicolas Fenouillat, Imogen Cunningham, Etel Adnan, åbäke, Evariste Richer
3 fois la mesure
Feb 25, 2021 - Jul 17, 2021

“The clock indicates 11:20, of the evening and the morning.There is a time, a space and objects, it is an exhibition that measures a sort of continuation. This last term would be the positive of a shipwreck, its opposite. Calculations allow to reach its scope, its context of inscription and divergences with other pursuits. The objects here don’t stop in spite of their motionless appearance. They relentlessly revive what is left to us of life and our perceptions: a coloured, pearly, doubt that rings in conversations close to us, that resonates when crossing the gallery space.”

Benoît Maire