< Ellen Harvey
Whitney Biennial
Ellen Harvey
Mar 6, 2008 - Jun 1, 2008
Whitney Museum & Park Avenue Armory, New York (USA)

Museum of Failure

A hand-engraved rear-illuminated mirror (The Collection of Impossible Subjects) depicts a museum wall hung salon style with empty frames, with one frame opening onto a trompe l’oeil painting (Invisible Self-Portrait in My Studio) based on a flash photograph of an identically installed and framed collection of mirrors reflecting the artist working on the painting. A Polaroid of the artist’s 28-year old copy of the Uffizi Gallery guide is installed nearby.

100 Visitors to the Biennial Immortalized

One hundred visitors to the Whitney Biennial each received a fifteen-minute pencil portrait in exchange for filling out an evaluation of the finished drawing. The portraits and evaluations were exhibited, scanned and the originals mailed to the participants.

On the Inevitable Failure of Restoration

A framed video installed in the Park Avenue Armory shows the artist attempting to recreate the original hand-stenciled Armory wallpaper over the current wall color only to have the painting burst into flames and burn away to reveal the wall color beneath.