< Thu Van Tran
We live in the flicker
Thu Van Tran
Jun 10, 2023 - Oct 1, 2023
MAMAC, Nice (France)
The MAMAC presents an exhibition dedicated to Thu-Van Tran for the summer of 2023. This will be the first major museum monography of the artist in France, and follows her participation in MAMAC’s group exhibition “Cosmogonies, au gré des éléments” during the summer of 2018.

A great artist on the French scene, Thu-Van Tran now enjoys international recognition. In particular, she presented a masterful installation at the 2017 Venice International Art Biennale; while in 2018, she was among the nominees for the Marcel Duchamp Prize. She has just completed a major in-situ commission at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh (United States), as well as at the Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection in Paris.

The museum highlights her singular artistic universe, imbued with a dual Franco-Vietnamese culture; the common history of the two countries and the visible or invisible heritage still inscribed in the language, the bodies in Vietnam; the lasting transformation of landscapes and the issues raised around the living. The exhibition will interweave historical narratives and personal mythologies, existing works and new productions.

With this exhibition, the artist expresses her wish “to address the question of our natural and environmental ecosystem which has become unstable and mutant since the upheavals caused by the economic and political issues of our modern world. At the same time, she shifts towards more poetic considerations: the intrinsic powers of a sovereign, enchanting nature which switches from a material resource to a spiritual and mystical resource, a place of legends and possible imaginaries – necessary for the construction of one’s own individual mythology”.

Images © Thu-Van Tran / ADAGP Paris, 2023. Photo : Jean-Christophe LETT