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Projets pour une Possible Littérature
Jorge Méndez Blake
Jun 4, 2015 - Aug 23, 2015
La Kunsthalle, Mulhouse (France)
Projects for a Possible Literature is the first monographic exhibition of Jorge Méndez Blake in a French art centre. A Mexican artist born in 1974, he lives in Guadalajara and belongs to a generation of South American artists who are now extremely present on the international scene.

Through drawing, installation and environmental interventions, Jorge Méndez Blake brings literature and art closer together. In his work, texts make sense and he translates this meaning into forms or images. He amplifies it in a cleverly constructed conceptual language and gets involved in games of rewriting. In his monumental installations as well as in his simplest gestures, he establishes a physical relationship between the chosen writings and the reader who becomes a spectator.

His work creates new connections between literature and architecture. His works expand the possible readings between authors, texts and architecture by placing them in new contexts.

Jorge Méndez Blake has envisaged the exhibition at La Kunsthalle as an opportunity to revisit some of his existing pieces, but also to produce new ones. He has organised a presentation that, in an almost encyclopaedic manner, declines and gathers buildings, books, models and other constructions; in other words, a very complete assembly of the formal elements that make up his work. The result is a set of small proposals, all of which carry a project for a possible literature.

Images by Sébastien Bozon