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Lieven De Boeck
Mar 5, 2015 - Jun 5, 2016
Frac Sud, Marseilles (France)
For this solo exhibition, Lieven De Boeck has developed a project especially designed for the Frac entitled IMAGE NOT FOUND, occupying three entire floors. This exhibition is an opportunity to explore ten years of work, not in the form of a retrospective, planned as any sort of chronology or formal inventory, but rather questioning the very status of the exhibition and its hosting institution.

Through the composition of new work and pieces created between 2013 and 2015 while in residence at Marseille’s Cirva and featuring the Frac’s 2013 acquisition Hollywood Alphabet, Lieven De Boeck brings to light an exhibition designed as a manifesto. Here it becomes a matter of questioning the museum’s space and codified functions and examining the status of a work of art and its typologies, be they formal, stylistic or conceptual. A free manipulation of concepts and mise en abyme of these typologies allow Lieven De Boeck to lead the visitor along a wandering path developed as a series of thought provoking questions both poetic and political. Herein, we find notions around identity, language and combinatory play conjuring up esthetic, mathematical and political concepts.

Lieven De Boeck stages an exhibition, which testifies for a free spirit, rattles any established function we’re familiar with and asks us to take time to free ourselves from a normed universe we confront on a permanent basis. As such, on Floor 2 the exhibition plays itself out as a fourteen-week intervention. This activation in space is intended as a question on anestablished visiting protocol.

Fragment out of the exhibition text of Pascal Neveux

Photos jcLett and Matthias Van Rossen