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Des leurres sous le soleil
Evariste Richer
Jul 2, 2017 - Sep 2, 2017
Galerie d’art contemporain du Théâtre de Privas (France)

Evariste Richer likes to translate in the field of the art of the knowledge, the experiments and the tools which have to see with a "scientific" approach of the world. His work is nourished by an aspiration to apprehend what surrounds us while inducing the notion of doubt on our capacities to determine it, or discern it, very precisely.

At the invitation of Camille Planeix, Evariste Richer presents in Privas works tending to take the measure of the Ardèche landscape.

The occasion for him to renew with his Cévennes roots and to recalibrate his glance carried on this found nature.

Images by Tristan Zilberman