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Ctrl c respiration
Mar 20, 2022 - Apr 24, 2022
Centre d'Art Neuchatel (Swizterland)
A breath. Footprints. Footsteps. Far away then close. Moving away again. Inhale. Exhaling. The vital breath. From burning fire to breaking glass. Fragile. Feverish. To be perpetuated. To protect. To resist. To stretch the material. To infinity.1_ 2_ 3_ 4 _ remember_

From the buried to the revealed. Coming to blows. Crutches on tarps on feet. Bodies buried, dug up. Coming out of the ground or taking root. Venuses. Prehistoric curves. Timeless fertility huddled, coiled, covered. Fragmented bodies. To be repaired, embalmed. Caring for the caves. Between the anchorage and the excavation.

b r e a t h e _ out

An archaeologist's method in the light. A site here, excavations elsewhere. Archaeology of metamorphosis. Manipulating origins. Extending the layers. Repeat. Yes. The desire to dust off the mystery. Exhume the clay. Humus ex machina. Tooling up the strata. Beating the dust, reshuffling the cards. Accidental terrain. A cracking. Between the moment and eternity. Waking up a
a sleeping world. Protecting a sleeping world.

Superimposition. Horizon. Rasant. Interdependence-calibrated-active. Leading. Isolate. Planisphere of somnolent energies. Copper. Glass. Hybrid network. Contain the tension. Spreading attention. The community, Kleo and the others. Rhizome.

ctrl _

mountaincutters. A fiction or a language. Sign language. Perspective. That of a transitory world. Illogical myths. Mineral, energetic and spiritual potentialities, energetic, spiritual. Inscribing oneself in the sacred soil. Motherboard. Layers of knowledge or beliefs. Kinship, lineages. Who understands what. Eternity in mutation. Undetermined.

Here ended.

Claire Contamine
ctrl c respiration, CAN, CENTRE D'ART NEUCHATEL, SWITZERLAND, 2022