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Claudio Parmiggiani
Claudio Parmiggiani
Nov 22, 2008 - Jan 31, 2009
Collège des Bernardins, Paris (France)
A creation for the Collège des Bernardins.

No setting could better suit the artist than the Collège des Bernardins, which combines the beauty of its architecture, the mystical character of a religious building, the intellectual density of an ancient university that is now returning to its pedagogical function, and the strength of a past that has embraced the great moments of religious and civil history. My first sensation," he says, "was that of a place of great spirituality, of great purity, with a beautiful light that added much to this spirituality. It was an exceptional place.

The strength of the place is matched by the strength of the work: by recalling the intellectual and spiritual memory of the Collège des Bernardins, but also by staging the destruction and oblivion, Claudio Parmiggiani offers us, more than a work, the experience of a revelation