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Anatomie d’un corps absent
Jun 21, 2019 - Sep 22, 2019
Creux de l'enfer, Thiers (France)
Through the prism of their in situ sculptural practice, the mountaincutters duo is developing a new cycle of work anchored in the Creux de l'enfer. Taking the exhibition space as the bed of the installation and the starting point of an unpredictable experience, the artists combine mineral and organic materials taken from the surrounding nature, which they tie together in a triple relationship of matter-body-energy.

A voluntarily anonymous entity, mountaincutters draws its sources from the crucible of civilizations, hybridizing geological and biological archaeological elements, picked up or dislocated, suspended or rooted, which disintegrate, unfold and rise in space, like tangible witnesses of the passage of a body.

Anatomie d’un corps absent engages the body and the mind in an inner journey that one surveys and traverses like a natural landscape and like the clues of a memory taken from the very site of the former factory. The low-lying spaces evoke a floating and peaceful image of rest, one that echoes a walk in the riverbed, followed by suspended structures of vertical lines of force, a place of transformations, a laboratory of gestures, a body upright, standing, in full movement.

Stones placed or suspended, metal structures and trolleys on wheels, copper wire, supports, seats, images and drawings cohabit with volumes of water frozen in their course. Objects in tension, in balance, on the verge of failure, energies channelled, slowed down, materials contained or dispersed, mountaincutters' installations take shape on the reverse side of gestures, in the spaces left vacant by knowledge and the imagination. From these situations whose meaning sometimes escapes us, mountaincutters arouses a profound feeling of the place and more widely of its environment.