< Thu Van Tran
24h à Hanoi
Thu Van Tran
Apr 19, 2019 - Jun 24, 2019
Le CREDAC, Ivry-sur-Seine (France)
“These 24 hours in Hanoï follows a woman as she meanders through a city she is unaware of, during the time span of one rotation of the Earth, divided equally between one day and one night.”

This cycle leads to a succession of revelations to which Hoa Mi responds mutely: the silence of contemplation, and that of the outsider. Innocent and kind, she is a sort of lost Candide, except for what she’s doing: retracing a family history long kept buried. Hoa Mi the lock picker. The past is sometimes unable to intercede in the present. But on the contrary, in Hanoi, time’s circle seems to have been distorted into an imperfect curve, like the country’s sinuous and humid geography. Past and present confront each other in a ceaseless, futile tug of war. No future emerges on the horizon. Dreaming or awake? These twenty-four hours are a theater of apparitions, souls who will revisit our present existence, turtles who will recite poems while we remain prisoners of the discord of a country now transfixed by the paradoxes of its past. This dead end, closed off centuries before to the history of Vietnam at the moment when it lost its original language—can the enchanted eyes of an outsider finally find a way out?”

Excerpt from the narration of the film 24 hours in Hanoï.

Images by André Morin.